Hydraulic oil and slide-way fluid and water-solubility metal-working fluid


  • Slidingsurface oil and hydraulic oil leaks-active agent incorporated into the coolant - Coolant my problem and that corruption
  • My coolantleaks-hydraulic and sliding surface oil contamination - problems of corruptionand
  • Do my own,so that the water-soluble cutting oil being used to solve the problem ofcorruption.
  • When the oilis incorporated into the coolant second emulsification and the agonist-solublecutting oil,
  • Hydraulicoil and hydraulic oil when mixed with oil sliding surface and sliding surfaceflow also to act.

 Minimize problems due to corruption

  • Odor-workingenvironmental degradation
  • Waste, wastegeneration - Waste costly
  • Healingreplacement cost loss
  • Rust,corrosion loss of material Machined Parts
  • Machiningprecision (roughness) failure occurs

 Hydraulic oil and slide-way fluid and water-solubility metal-workingfluid


Specific Gravity 15/4

Viscosity  cSt  40

Total Acid mgKOH/g

Pour  Point

Corrosive Test (100×3h)

CTE 600






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