(General Purpose Oil : White Mineral Oil)

Ķ (Liquide Paraffins)

(Machine Oil Series)

 (Bearing Oil Series)

۵ (Hydraulic Oil Series)

 (Compressor Oil)

õ (Refrigerating Machine Oil)

(Vacuum pump oil series)

ü (Heat Transfer Oil)

(Process Oil Series)

(Gear Oil Series)

ͺ (Turbine oil series)

ó (Heat treating oil (Quenching oil))

üο (High temperature chain oil)

ó (Oil spill dispersants)

(Lamp oil)

Ϸ (Oilless bearing oil)

Ҽ (Plastic working oil)

۵ 뼺
(Hydraulic oil and slide-way fluid and water-solubility metal-working fluid)

̽Ʈ (dz, й) (Oil Mist Processed (cold, aerosol))

μ ũ (Solvents for printing inks)

÷ (Flushing oil series )

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